V  A  L  L  A  R



Primary responsibilities include managing the firms marketing program through investor letters, website, fund presentations, social media and speaking engagements. Secondary responsibilities include investor relations tasks, such as, client database updating, gathering investor documentation, existing and potential investor correspondence and event planning.


  • Manage the production of the firm’s Investor Letters. Work closely with the investment team to create topical content for our monthly letters.
  • Maintain the firm’s website by adding and updating content and registering new users in our client database.
  • Manage the firm’s social media presence through Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media marketing avenues.

  • Create, update and maintain the firm’s investor presentations for the fund offerings managed by the firm.

  • Research potential speaking engagement and help prepare speaking presentations.

  • Update client database.

  • Correspond with existing and/or potential investors.

  • Gather information on investor in funds managed by the firm.



  • Strong academic background 
  • Exceptional verbal/written communication and interpersonal skills

  • Knowledgeable and passionate about blockchain/cryptocurrency technologies

  • Extensive knowledge of hedge fund strategies and analytical methodologies is advantageous

  • Must be a self-starter who has proven ability to cultivate relationships and help improve overall client relationship process/structure

  • Attention to detail and concern for quantitative accuracy

  • Excellent personnel and project management skills

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